Chisholm Institute National Water Resource Training Facility

$5.0M - $10.0M
Jim Chrisp

National Water Resource Training Facility provides industry specific training in water infrastructure, environmental water management and water efficiency. The design of the new facility responds directly to the specific functional requirements of the industry training undertaken within, whilst at the same time presents a dynamic and vibrant learning environment to inspire students, researchers and the broader community.

In designing the building, Vincent Chrisp Architects looked at how the building could combine the issue of trade based water management training with the more broad idea of water sustainability and interaction with community. On the highly visible east facade, the approach was to take simple, commonly used trade based materials and use them in new interesting ways. The result was a reinterpretation of the standard concrete water pipe and site stacking method, to produce a wall resembling floating water bubbles. In addition to presenting an eye-catching facade to the main road facing the building, the unique reinterpretation of commonly used materials reinforces the notion that through training and research, the ordinary can evolve into the extraordinary.