“We believe listening to and engaging with our clients is an integral part of the design process.”
– James Chrisp

We have decades of experience designing beautiful, functional buildings for a variety of community-oriented projects. You won’t find any stock designs in our portfolios though. Our passion has always been reflecting our clients’ unique desires.


“We enjoy working with people who are going to enjoy the building.”
– James Chrisp

We work hard to ensure our designs are striking and viable for years to come. That’s because, as owner-occupiers, our clients need buildings that both work for the community and work for them.


Experience steadies the ship. Innovation sends it further. At Vincent Chrisp Architects we combine both, drawing upon our team’s decades of combined practical experience while constantly improving our capacity with the latest technology. We’ve seen the fads, the could’ve-beens, the next-big-things. We’ve settled on a path that’s going to take us forward with confidence.


We were an early adopter of BIM software, which we use to create highly realistic and complex 3D models from scratch. BIM helps us improve the quality of projects, easily explain internal layouts to clients and improve cross-discipline coordination. We’ve taken such a shine to it that over the past two years we’ve built our own large BIM family warehouse from which our team can select the appropriate component to add to a model. As a result, all of our projects are currently documented at a minimum Level of Development 400 (LD400).


Because we take care to model small details and real world conditions in each of our designs, we’re able to create realistic 3D fly through animations in house. This give us the opportunity to showcase the special aspects of each project and allow clients the chance to get a sense of a building before construction has even begun.

Team members
Our team

Here at Vincent Chrisp Architects we’ve put together a team who together have over a century of creative and practical experience. We come from broad backgrounds, but we’re specialists in community-minded buildings. Think healthcare and aged care. Science and research. Justice and law enforcement. Education from prep to tertiary. Civic centres, cultural centres, community centres. Whatever the need, our old-hands and young-guns work together with the client to produce something unique, memorable and practical.

James Chrisp
Registered Architect: Victoria
B.Arch. AAIA

I really enjoy when people are happy about the building they’re getting. That’s really why I started the company 23 years ago; I decided I wanted a direct line between the client and myself to ensure their needs were being met. I’m an architect, but I’m also a facilitator ensuring I understand what the client needs. With a diversity of project types, you need to be flexible, inquisitive and interested, otherwise you get caught up doing the same thing each time around. That’s not what we want. We need to talk about the real issues, the real problems, and how the design can overcome these. I think very much that’s the core driver of what we do. We want to make sure the client is happy and they are getting what they want, because they’re the one’s living and working in these buildings. So for me, architecture is an applied art. It’s a passion.

Graeme Hill
Registered Architect: Victoria
B.P.D. B.Arch (Hons)

I started with Vincent Chrisp in 2003 after returning from Chicago, where I’d worked for a time. As a principal I do everything to keep the projects rolling along, meeting their budget, time and quality. I tend to do the special projects; one-offs that we haven’t done before. I like my role because you get to meet clients at the outset, learn what they do, learn the problems they have as well as opportunities, then deliver a built outcome that really improves the way they operate. We’re solid and reliable. We park our egos and don’t bring preconceived styles to the table. We know our niches – education, health, justice, police, etc – so we know how to design those spaces & deliver those projects. I love attending the openings of the buildings because you get to see how all the stakeholders see the spaces, and how they go ‘wow’ – it helps you keep sight of what you’re doing and why

David Jones

I’ve worked here since February 1994, when Vincent Chrisp Architects was just starting out. Since then I’ve witnessed and been a part of the successful growth and evolution of the office to what it is today. Its success and my longevity here can both be measured by the scale, diversity and variety of projects the company is able to undertake. I have developed a niche working on the justice and health side, and as Principal, I run projects from design through documentation through to construction.

Barry Adams
Registered Architect: Victoria
Assoc. Dip. Arch. FRAIA

I began my career as an architect in 1962. Later I ran my own practice in Shepparton for 25 years, mainly working on aged-care, until I decided to move back to Melbourne. I wanted to get involved in a practice that was going a little further, so joined Vincent Chrisp in 2001. Since then I’ve looked after a variety of projects. We’ve done a lot of education and TAFE projects, child care, police stations, justice, health – community oriented projects. Another role of mine is as a bit of a mentor for some of the young graduates that come through the practice. I’ve helped a lot of them with preparation for the registration exams and general day-to-day rounding. That’s given me a new passion. I’ve seen the role of an architect change over the past 50 years and I think we’ve done really well to move with the times, but ultimately it’s always been about the clients.

Chris Sourlos

I’m one of the more senior ones here, having started in 2004. I’d been working on commercial multi-storey projects but wanted to get back into the high-tech science and health projects because I have a passion for the challenges that come with them. My skills are in the construction phase of the project. Not so much the design or early phases, but the nuts and bolts end of project delivery. The construction phase of the project relies on good communications to achieve a collaborative effort with builders and consultants to get the project across the line. Anything that needs to be tweaked gets identified early and incorporated to ensure it gets constructed properly. I think in this industry that attention to detail sometimes gets lost a little. That’s why, when revisiting a building two or three years later, I get immense pride from seeing it hasn’t changed – the quality of the built environment is settling gracefully.

Bernie Raso

As an experienced Senior Associate overseeing the construction of multi-million dollar infrastructure in Victoria’s health, education and justice sectors, it is the variety of projects, people, design challenges and construction issues that always piques my interest. I have a broad range of skills and extensive project and site experience which provides me with the knowledge to foresee and understand construction challenges and in doing so, quickly establish rapport with the project team and builders. Successful project delivery is investing the time in genuinely understanding the needs of the client and each stakeholder invested in the project, be that emotionally or financially – or both, and applying this knowledge when working through the project phases including project programming, team management and consultant coordination.

Dean Lenehan
Registered Architect: Victoria
B.PD, M.Arch

I joined VCA three and a half years ago as a project architect. I think what I bring to the table is a full understanding of modern systems, and how the industry is progressing. We’re ahead of the game with all the BIM software, 3D realisation, and it’s allowed us more time with design. Our buildings are becoming more design-intensive because we’re resolving all the simple stuff early. So because of that I’m really able to enjoy projects like university and TAFE buildings, which are usually looking for really interesting, even symbolic, building designs a lot of the time. I’ve been given opportunities well and above what I think I would have had elsewhere, and a fair bit of confidence comes from that.