Chisholm Institute Berwick T.E.C.

$10.0M - $15.0M
Jim Chrisp

The Berwick Technical Education Centre is located on the corner of Clyde Road and Kangan Drive, Berwick. The TEC was one of the first four TEC’s commissioned by the State Government. The facility is a two-storey building of 3,270m². The facility incorporates classroom based teaching, workshop training areas for building trades, staff and student amenities and staff / administration areas. In addition to the building, surrounding car parking and soft and hard landscaping were provided. The building facility was designed in order to accommodate the pedagogical approach to teaching and learning to ensure:

- An appealing, unique and relaxed learning
- Innovative, creative and flexible teaching practices have
been created that will allow integrated delivery.
- Informal learning spaces that also provide social

Break out teaching and learning spaces exist to enable a range of functions to be offered to students ranging from additional support and skills reinforcement to promoting independent learning where a team of students can work together on projects and take responsibility for their learning.