Koori Youth Alcohol & Drug Healing Service

Project Description:

Designed in collaboration with NSW Government Architects Office - Indigenous Design Group, The KYAD Healing Service is a new 16 bed facility intended to provide modern, youth orientated, culturally appropriate residential rehabilitation. Participation is voluntary and those who attend are expected to live at the service for between 3 - 6 months. The facility will be the first of its kind in Australia. The planning for the facility is based on traditional indigenous community gatherings, with a series of buildings arranged in a semi-circle facing north toward a central fire-pit and adjacent bushland.

The buildings are designed to be non institutional and deliberately modern in character. The central design theme of the project is the 'woven concept'. This addresses the idea that the lives of the kids who need this service have come undone or been pulled apart, and that spending time at the facility can gradually weave their lives back together. The 'weave' motif manifests itself in strong angular forms and lines expressed in both the form of the buildings as well as the landscaping and spaces in between them.

Particular attention has been given to providing opportunities for interaction and reflection. Fixed seating and benches have been incorporated into some of the facades of the buildings and extensive decking and rammed earth seating are positioned around the site. A dedicated 'Cultural Building' is located to the north east and will provide dedicated spaces for traditional ceremonies and spiritual reflection.
The use of strong angular forms and consistent materials and 3D massing provides an integrated facility across varying functions such as admin, communal, accommodation and cultural programs.

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